About The Deals

The big question: How and what can you save money on?

Bon Voyage works with travel wholesalers from around the world to find you deals. Most of these deals are meant for for large groups, but at Bon Voyage we get access to the overflow. We serve every major city around the world. We guarantee that you will save money or you get your money back.

  • 1) 50,000 Hotels at Up to 50% Off
    Every major brand is in our system. From Hilton to Marriott. From the Four Seasons to the Econolodge it doesnt matter what your budget is you will find a hotel that is priced better. Or use you same budget to stay at a much nicer hotel.
  • 2) Major Car Rental Companies Around the Globe
    Renting a car can be an expensive part of your trip. Bon Voyage has deals with major companies like Hertz, Avis, Budget Alamo and more. Most often you can upgrade to better car for a cheaper price. No more compacts for you.
  • 3) Theme Parks and Broadway Shows
    So you are in your destination and have a car and a place to stay. No you need to do something. Bon Voyage has deals with every kind of activity you could want to enjoy on your vacation. Theme Parks, Shows, Tours like the Grand Canyon all at savings. We have over 5,000 activties to choose from.
  • 4) Standard and Consolidated Airfare
    Airfare is the hardest place to get a deal. To that end we have competivtive basic fairs that are equal to or slightly better than the big names. Then we have consolidated rates which are presold seats that can come at huge discounts.

We Work With The Biggest Brands in Travel

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