Our Team

Meet the Bon Voyage Team

Our team is made of travel industry veterans who have produced over 300 million dollars in travel sales. That’s a spicy meatball! There’s Mike, Rob, Danny and Melissa, but that is just the execs.

Michael Hofeld
Founder & CEO

Danny Vaca
Director of Operations

Melissa Harvey
Client Services

Robert Knaak
Founder & CTO

What We’re About

The goal of Bon Voyage Community is to pass the power of wholesale travel deals onto the average consumer. We are honest about the deals and care about our members. We are in this for the long haul and really want you to have a Bon Voyage. A big part of the fun of a trip is researching it and the Internet has made this a passion for millions.

Inside of the Bon Voyage Member Community you will find deals on over 50,000 hotels, condos and rental homes. These deals literally fluctuate by the minute. We gaurantee that you will find deals at deep discounts over the big brand online travel sites. Some days it could be at the Hilton the next it could be at the Marriott. But you will always be able to save money or upgrade you hotel.

“I have been in the Internet Travel business since 1996. Bon Voyage represents the biggest leap forward in allowing the individual the power to access deep discounted travel since the advent of Kayak.

We honestly don’t even know how big this thing can get. But we know that this is the future of online travel.”

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